Loving my SELF(ie)

This is how I began my journey to self love.

By shamelessly promoting my beautiful and wonderful SELF.

Seem vain? It’s quite the opposite, loving yourself EXACTLY as you are, in this moment, requires no maintenance of the exterior.

It is simply the act of BEING YOU, your true, beautiful self, that serves to inspire wonder and awe and creativity that you may never have experienced before.

By loving yourself fully, you are awakening your inner child, the child who inherently KNEW her or his worth, believed he or she could be ANYTHING and do EVERYTHING.

Before the world told you otherwise and your Ego began the painfully restrictive process of Self Doubt.

So, I hope you enjoy looking at my gallery of Selfies in all their #nomakeup #nofilter #allnatural glory. (Ok maybe not the hair colour)

The pictures are in no particular order and are the ones I have on iPad currently. My hopes are that after seeing these pictures, you just might be inspired to share one or two of your own #shamelessselfies for #selflove!

Happy Snapping and be sure to tag me in your photos so I can see what you have the courage to create.